Topographical Survey Only Partially

Finished Last Season.






State To Be Asked

To Put Up Real

Memorial To

Milford Dead.


Friday evening a special meeting of the executive committee of the Junior Pioneers was held for the purpose of deciding what action to take with reference to the topographical survey of Pioneer Park which has been only partially completed by the city engineer working under instructions of the street committee of the city of New Ulm.

Topographical Survey


After the Junior Pioneers had purchased Hunter’s Rest and one block from the Hauenstein Brewing Co., lying between Hunter’s Rest and South Park, it was decided to secure the services of a landscape gardener to prepare a set of plans to be followed in the matter of developing and beautifying the entire park pro position.

Before the landscape gardener however could commence with his work, it became necessary to make a topographical survey and members of the Junior Pioneer park committee appeared before the city council and asked them to have this work done by the city in view of the fact that the city then had an engineer who was employed by the city by the year. This was assented to. Nobody seemed to know just how much time this topographical survey would take and as the work progressed bills were presented to the city council for allow-once for this work and the street committee finally ordered the work stopped, because the expense was mounting much higher than they had anticipated.

More Funds Needed.

According to City Engineer Minium it will require the outlay of an additional $125 to complete the survey and prepare the necessary blue prints.Without the blue prints, the entire work that has been done so far would be of no use to anybody. After going into the matter thoroughly and discussing it from every angle, the park committee was given authority to have this work done, provided satisfactory arrangements could be made with Mr. Minium. After the blue prints are ready they will be turned over to Max Pfaender who has been given the job to plan the park beautification.

Milford Monument


It was also called the attention of the executive committee that the Milford monument is crumbling to pieces and that it is in need of repair. This monument was erected by the Junior Pioneers in memory of those who were massacred in the Town of Milford during the Indian Outbreak in August,1862. This monument was constructed of concrete and it now seems that the material will not stand up under our rigorous climate. After some discussion it was decided to have the proper committee take up this matter with the State Historical Society and find out if it is not possible to have a real monument erected at this historic spot, the expense to be borne by the state. There is no other place where so many people lost their lives during the Indian Massacre in 1862 as in the Town of Milford and there seems to be no valid reason why the State should not erect a suitable memorial at this place.

New Ulm Review,

April 16, 1924



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