NU woman faces felony assault charges

Bail set at $75,000


NEW ULM — A 27-year-old New Ulm woman was charged with felony second-degree assault, two counts of felony fourth-degree assault of a peace officer and felony domestic assault in Brown County District Court Friday.

Anna R. Kuehl, 708 S. Payne St., New Ulm, was also charged with gross misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and domestic assault-subsequent violation. Her bail was set at $75,000.

According to court documents, New Ulm Police were dispatched to 708 S. Payne St. for a domestic disturbance involving Kuehl who had a knife, and a victim on Oct. 19. At the scene, a hysterical woman, later identified as the victim, was standing on the sidewalk in front of the residence.

Using a flashlight, police approached the front door of the residence and recognized Kuehl in the kitchen area. There were no lights on inside the residence. Police motioned for Kuehl to come to the door but she left via a service door that led to a garage.

Police intercepted Kuehl on the west side of the residence while she held a sheathed item in her hand. Police handcuffed Kuehl. The sheathed item was determined to be a two-piece push dagger knife set, which was retained, photographed and entered as evidence.

Prior to searching Kuehl, police asked her if she had anything on her that would poke or stick her. Kuehl did not talk to police, then yelled at the victim and lashed out physically by thrashing.

Kuehl walked away from officers when an officer grabbed her right forearm, Kuehl tripped over an officer’s leg and went to the ground.

Police determined the victim had been assaulted by Kuehl who was arrested at 10:18 p.m. She was verbally abusive, refused to walk at times and kicked an officer’s leg before she was placed in a squad car, which was captured by an officer’s WatchGuard video and later by an audio recorder.

Kuehl spat at an officer who moved to avoid being hit by saliva. A spit hood was applied to Kuehl. She told correctional staff she “beat (victim 1’s) ass tonight.”

It was determined that the victim captured the incident on a cell phone. Police recovered a large, kitchen knife with a black handle and eight-inch silver blade, which was photographed and entered as evidence.

Kuehl provided a preliminary breath sample that resulted in a .179 alcohol concentration. Her driver’s license was cancelled as inimical to public safety with a restriction of any use of alcohol or drugs.

The victim told police Kuehl got mad for no reason, had been drinking, left, then returned, “beat the door” and was “bashing stuff against the residence windows and garage.” The victim said she didn’t know how but Kuehl somehow got into the residence and began hitting, kicking, and strangling her while holding her down, then grabbed a “big butcher’s knife” from the kitchen and held it up to her as if she was going to stab her with it.

Police used a digital recorder to capture a recording that included the victim crying and screaming, from the victim’s phone.

Kuehl was convicted of domestic assault by strangulation on July 31. She remains in custody at the Brown County Jail.


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