Exit polls suggest Irish voters

have repealed abortion ban

DUBLIN (AP) — Ireland appeared to move away from its conservative Roman Catholic roots and embrace a more liberal viewpoint Friday as two major exit polls predicted voters had repealed a constitutional ban on abortion.

The RTE television and Irish Times exit polls are only predictions, with official tallies due Saturday afternoon, but both exit polls suggested an overwhelming victory for abortion rights activists seeking a “yes” vote to change the constitution.

Catherine Murphy, co-leader of the small Social Democrats party, said the polls strongly indicate “voters have taken on board the clear message that the constitutional ban harms women” and must be removed from the constitution.

If the exit poll numbers hold up, the victory will be of a larger magnitude than “yes” activists had believed possible. It would then fall to Parliament to establish new laws governing abortions.

Canadian police seek 2 after bomb wounds 15 at restaurant

TORONTO (AP) — Police hunted for two people Friday after an explosion caused by a homemade bomb ripped through an Indian restaurant at a mall in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, wounding 15 people.

Authorities said two people with their faces covered to conceal their identities entered the Bombay Bhel restaurant late Thursday, dropped the bomb and fled. Two birthday parties were taking place at the restaurant and about 40 people were inside, including children, though none of the youngsters were injured.

“There is no indication that this is a terrorism act. There is no indication that this is a hate crime at this time,” Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans said. “Every police resource is being used right now to locate the people responsible for this horrendous act.”

The explosion happened just after 10:30 p.m. and the plaza where the restaurant is located was still sealed off Friday. Television footage showed an injured women limping away from the restaurant.

Peel Regional Police Sgt. Matt Bertram said an object resembling a pail or paint can was carried into the restaurant by one of the bombers.