Solve abortion before other world problems

To the editor:

Its been 51 years since Roe v Wade, and I am still amazed at the blasé / ‘apathetic attitude’ our society places on this carnage. There are probably several reasons for this attitude; primary of course is that we don’t take God seriously.

Another would be that we don’t actually watch an actual abortion. Mandatory viewing of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s ‘Eclipse of Reason’ which shows a little boy being summarily dismembered, would probably change many mind’s over this issue.

Another ‘action neutralizer’ comes from leaders who preach that we have to solve all the world’s problems before we can focus on ‘one’. That ‘one’ being abortion.

Any impetus on the part of citizens to actually do something to stop the holocaust, can quickly be snuffed out by leaders who tell us we must be concerned about:

The old in nursing homes.

Those in prison.

Child poverty.



I would like to imagine a situation where the child being readied for execution in the abortion clinic is given a mental telepathy gift to communicate with adults:

Child: Can you please save me?

Adult: Sorry, I must get to the nursing home to comfort an old person.

2nd adult: Sorry, I must go to visit someone in prison.

3rd adult: Sorry, I must lend support to a homeless person.

And so on for the rest of the adults who like the priest and Levite walk on the opposite side of road to ignore this child headed for extreme torture and death.

Child: O’ Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit.

Phil Drietz



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