Minnesota not so nice now

To the editor:

I hope all of you who voted for Democrats in the last election are proud of what you’re putting into power in Minnesota. Families are struggling to pay for groceries but hey! At least we’ll have legalized marijuana! Here are a few of the other items on the DFL wish list:

Pre-registering 16-year-olds to vote and rewarding those here illegally with state drivers licenses. We all know it won’t stop at that — I fully expect to see legislation introduced in the future to extend voting rights to both groups.

Rep. Sandra Feist has proposed the “Menstrual Equity Act” to provide sanitary products in boys bathrooms because, in her own words, “Not all who menstruate are female.” What??

But worst of all is the “Protect Reproductive Options Act” that passed in the House last week. DFL candidates campaigned on protecting a woman’s right to choose. Minnesota already had a fairly liberal abortion policy in place. They failed to reveal their true intent. The House just passed the most extreme abortion law possible with no restrictions, including termination of a pregnancy up until birth. That pretty much puts us in the same category as China and North Korea. I can’t even fathom how anyone could vote for such a barbaric act. It’s nothing short of infanticide.

So if you voted for Democrats in the mid-terms reach around and pat yourself on the back. You’ve succeeded in turning “Minnesota Nice” into a place with declining moral values where good is evil and evil has become good. A state that those of us who grew up in Minnesota more and more no longer recognize.

Andrea Brinkman



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