Creators of instability seek to cause chaos to provide their remedy

To the editor:

Individual sovereignty is the basis of political stability. Those who deny individual sovereignty to push an agenda, cause instability as their goal for chaos. Beware of chaos, because those who create the chaos have the remedy for it. Their answer would not be acceptable had it not been for the chaos they created.

Individual sovereignty is inherent in knowing right from wrong. The attack on common sense from something new is a switch in word meaning, up is down, down is up, to switch good for bad by mere perception. The truckers know where the rubber meets the road.

Threats from support of the truckers involved the supporters bank accounts, purchasing, political view and jobs. It is amazing to see the cards fall upon individual sovereignty by banks, corporations, politicians and labor unions. What decisions once made in the shadows of power have not been exposed by the agents of the puppet theater.

Puppet power or people power is the issue not to sell out to the trade in individual sovereignty fro banking. business, political parties or a job. What has been done to other countries from other countries.

We alone have a bill of individual sovereignty in a sovereign state limiting a federal government. Who among us lobbies for the people?

What commercial advocates a bill of individual rights?

What commercial advocates for the inner doctor and nutrition?

What commercial advocates the stages of life and preparations?

What commercial advocates the wisdom of elders?

What commercial advocates family as the basis of government?

What commercial advocates elected officials to serve the electorate?

Multinational corporations do not like accountability, every two and four years. Only accountable to the bottom line, they would rather advocate treatment for symptoms, not cures; wars on peace; socialism, not bill of rights; fake money for gold, synthetics for food; and an alternative universe not made by God.

We must vote ourselves to govern, while we can.

John C. Kolbe

Sleepy Eye


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