Put God at the center

To the editor:

Considering myself a Christian, which some people find “offensive,” I felt the urge to write even though I know I am just another sinful being on this earth God created. I enjoy Mr. Thom’s letters and was offended by a woman’s response to him which seemed to belittle him and his views. People are trying to prove their sides on everything stating this and that, science and whatever, even though science does not support some of their views, such as everyone is genderless, just pick what you feel like. Our government is trying to teach our children what they want them to learn, telling us how we should think, and they are forcing mandates on people, ignoring their constitutional rights and freedoms and also their God-given rights and freedoms. To find truth by reading the Holy Bible, aka God’s Word where HE created man and woman and the world we live in. We are all God’s children and your life is not your own, but is your personal ministry to God. He gives us our talents and abilities, and we need to thank HIM for that besides everything else we have been blessed with. Some people worry about climate change, diseases and other earthly things, but forget about their souls. The downfall of our world will be when people stop putting their faith and trust in God. Worry ends where faith begins and if you put God in the center, everything will come together. God does not show up to take sides, He shows up to take over, so be sure you are ready when your time comes. It’s never too late to bring our Lord, Jesus Christ, into your lives as HE is the one true anser in these unruly times. God bless you and God bless America! Happy Thanksgiving.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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