Stop using The Journal for ideological battles

To the editor:

The best thing about mornings is a cup of coffee, my desk, and my morning papers. Lately I’ve become frustrated with the long drawn out ideological battles being published in the Letters section of the Opinion page. Being a progressive Democrat, I realize that I live in a pretty Dark Red bubble. That being said I am addressing this to the members of the Human Rights Commision, other progressive Democrats, and the Thoms. PLEASE, PLEASE stop trying to sway readers ad nauseum (this LGBTQ battle is in its 4th week). Honestly, I will call Lola’s, reserve the big table in the back and pay for the darn coffee if you all want to meet in person and try to change minds. We are always, always going to see certain issues in a polarized way, please don’t try to turn local print media into Twitter! I write this with the utmost respect!

Nancy Zupfer

New Ulm


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