MLC Student Senate eager to work with city

To the editor:

Hello again from the Martin Luther College Student Senate! My name is Seth Koelpin and I will be a senior for the upcoming school year. As the future student body president, I am excited to see how the relationship between the school and the city of New Ulm can continue to grow. This past school year created many opportunities for new and exciting ways to involve students in campus life and the community.

A Chamber of Commerce event held in early May was a great success and showed how this and events like it will benefit both the college and the community. During this event, students were given discounts at various local businesses, which helped introduce downtown New Ulm to many of the new students. The Senate would like to thank the city of New Ulm and especially the businesses involved for their participation and hope that this continues in the future. The steps taken by both the city and the Senate have helped strengthen communication and established a precedent for the years to come.

As a student from Texas, it has been a privilege to experience a new environment and culture here in New Ulm. The kind and welcoming reception which the city has extended to not only me but also to the entire student body is greatly appreciated. The transition away from the normalcy of home is often difficult for college students, and the city of New Ulm always makes it more comfortable.

With an aim at increased visibility and role on MLC’s campus, the Senate for next year also wants to extend this to the community. The promotion of city events, businesses, places of work, and parks was a goal this past year. Next year, we hope to increase the presence of the city and community of New Ulm in the life of students at Martin Luther College.

Thank you, New Ulm, for an amazing year and we cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

Seth Koelpin

MLC Student Senate

New Ulm


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