We ask for God’s mercy

To the editor:

I totally agree with Mr. Fluegge’s letter entitled “Allina Health exposed”. He is spot on! I join with him in petitioning to the doctors, president and board members of NUMC to remove suggestive questioning about “gender” on applications for NUMC. God beautifully created “man” and “woman”! And science thinks it can improve on God’s plan of creation?!

The body of a man and woman is made up of organs to help it function…. heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, etc. When one of these organs malfunction, we seek the help of a doctor to help it function normally again. The brain is the most complex of all organs and requires and deserves the best of treatment available. Man has the “XY” chromosomes and woman has the “XX” chromosomes and “we” cannot “re-create” or “change” our sex or gender at will. So when the brain malfunctions, we lovingly seek help so it can function as normal as possible, instead of redesigning God’s creation.

Miss Zupfer’s rebuttal letter to Mr. Fluegge entitled, “Leave what is God’s to God”, is exactly my message. I agree with her title! Miss Zupfer quotes Matthew :7 from the Bible and suggests that Mr. Fluegge was passing judgment on others.

Well yes, it is our responsibility to judge the “actions” of others and it is our Constitutional right to speak out and inform the public of possible wrong-doing in our society.

But, as for you, Miss Zupfer, you not only judged Mr. Fluegge, you CONDEMNED HIM!

If you are into Bible verses, read Leviticus 18:22, which speaks to the gay and transgender issues. This Bible verse states, “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

May God Bless and have Mercy on His people!

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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