What have we got to lose by joining South Dakota?

To the editor:

In Monday’s snarky “Our View,” (March 29, 2021) the writer wonders what outstate MInnesota counties have to gain by joining South Dakota — my thought is what have we got to lose? Minnesota residents carry one of the highest tax burdens in the nation and we are ranked #3 in welfare disbursements.

The writer seemed to hit on financial points mostly, but I don’t feel that’s the main issue. There is a huge disconnect between the metro areas of Minnesota and the outstate regions. After the destruction of the deadly rioting that went on last summer, Minneapolis resembles a war zone. Businesses are still boarded up and many are fleeing the downtown area. Don’t forget, in their infinite wisdom, it was the Minneapolis City Council who came up with the “defund the police” idea. Brilliant! They think our families should be put at risk while they have armed bodyguards! How much has the violent crime gone up in the metro area in the past year? If the writer thinks we want to be part of all that then maybe they’re the ones that need to move.

More and more MInnesota is becoming unrecognizable to those of us in outstate areas and if we’re not careful, we’ll become the next California with mass migration of businesses and residents. I for one wish to be part of law and order, safety for my family and morals and values that used to be part of Minnesota.

Andrea Brinkman



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