Prime Time address

To the editor:

Thursday night, March 11, 2021 President Biden had his first Prime Time Address to the nation on the one year anniversary of Covid pandemic, signing of first time 1.9 trillion Covid 19 stimulation relief package. Why did I listen?

I listened to his speech because I wanted to find out if he would give former President Trump any credit for the vaccine he had gotten with his operation Warp Speed to get the vaccine and the distribution he had organized. Mr. Biden ought to give the vaccine credit where its due — to US drug companies and President Trumps Operation Warp Speed. Just as I thought he gave Trump no credit whatsoever! What I did get out of his speech according to Biden was “he is doing a great job on the vaccine and distribution out to the people.”. Biden, Harris, and his press secretary said “Trump left us without nothing, no vaccine and no distribution plan.” This is a Big Fat Lie and God is going to get you for lying to the American people.

As of January 20th, the day Mr. Biden became President, Trump had 100 million doses of vaccine and he used 16.5 million, that left 83.5 million and he had more on order and he had a distribution plan organized.

Now on immigration, on illegal immigration Biden, Harris and his press secretary, all three said that the Trump administration left a mess at the border and it will take a long time for the Biden administration to get this straightened out. Another a Big Fat Lie and God will get you for lying to the American people! The truth is Trump had the border wall almost complete, illegal immigration way down, the lowest it has been for many many years. Mexico was helping by securing the Mexican border on their side of the river by putting troops on their side of the border. Biden started the crisis on the border before the election while campaigning, “if you make it to the US border, you will be allowed to enter, get free insurance, free health care, get a job, be eligible for amnesty and no deportation. That is when the crisis at the American border started and when he became president, stopped the building of the border wall, he stopped the plan Trump had with the Mexicans at the border-now we have thousands of illegal immigrants coming from all over the world, not just Mexicans,Honduras, or El Salvador. We don’t just have a crisis, its a disaster. Now Reporters can’t go, can’t take pictures, can’t go into the facilities and can’t talk to the Border Patrol. Few of the illegals are tested positive for the virus. President Biden is the one who caused the disaster and he is the one who needs to fix it!

That is my opinion and I am sticking to it. Elderly gentlemen from the Midwest, who clings to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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