Can’t fault Trump’s leadership

To the editor:

I have to respectfully disagree with Armstrong Williams’s column in last week’s Journal entitled, “The Enemy Within.” Mr. Williams quotes Roger Scruton who said “conservatives must know what to keep and preserve and what to discard” referring to a “lingering demon that haunts the party.” He adds, “Call it racism, nationalism….not good government or leadership.” We learn in his third paragraph that he is referring to former President Donald Trump.

Whatever ill thoughts you might have about Trump, you have to admit he was a good leader. We’ve seen President Biden’s leadership long enough to appreciate what Trump did with the COVID virus that ravaged the world. Millions have already received the vaccine that Trump made happen, even if many people are reluctant to give him the credit. This was one great example of leadership.

Williams says in his article that Trump wore many hats. While this is not necessarily a negative accusation on its face, I think most would agree that the hat primarily worn by Trump is that of “Make America Great” or USA. Williams suggests that Trump didn’t condemn evil behaviors “when they go against the rule of law, the Republic, and the greater good of this country.” Williams doesn’t report that all summer Trump condemned riotous acts against hard-working owners of small and large businesses.

Williams proposes the Republican Party under Trump no longer embraces the “struggle for racial justice” and now shies “away from racial disparities.” Candace Owens, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Terence Williams, and Leo Terrell support Trump. There will always be people of every shade of brown (all people are some shade of brown) who think they are better than others. President Trump hired people because of the nature of their character and work ethic, not because of the way they looked or the way they lived their personal lives outside of their work.

Williams intimates that the party under Trump no longer “focused on economic opportunity and prosperity.” He forgets the many minorities with higher wages under his administration and the robust economy until the virus hit. Trump is vital to the Republican Party. All Republicans must join together to build on his revitalized foundation. Trump’s stated and exampled values are the core of the Republican Party. Republicans agreed with his promises, and he kept them as much as he was allowed to. His policies voiced their own. His ideas were what Republicans had been saying for years. Trump believed these ideas, values, and policies so strongly and fearlessly that he could articulate them with great emotion and conviction. I hope Mr. Williams can agree that Trump is not the enemy within. Trump expressed our heart.

Gigi Rysdahl

New Ulm


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