Refreshing headline

To the editor:

What a refreshing headline in The Journal on January 14 — MLC Athletic Center . . .! I looked back and this was the first time since December 26-27 (18 days) that The Journal and AP featured something besides a Trump bashing in their headliner article. This, in addition to an estimated 80% far left articles on the editorial pages.

I wonder what the future Journals will look like after Joe Biden takes over the presidency. Will they scrutinize the far left radical, progressive, Marxist, Communist, liberals that Biden and his cabinet consists of? Will they expose future disastrous immigration plans, lack of speech freedom administered by big tech companies, lack of religious freedom, lack of second amendment rights, cozying up to China, raising taxes, harm in implementing a green new deal, increasing the federal swamp, the dangers of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the continuous rioting/arson that should have been condemned for the past eight months as everyone condemned the storming of the national capitol last week, cruelty of Planned Parenthood and killing/murder of unborn children, need for states to revise voter registration laws to eliminate fraud, lack of support for police, increased crimes in cities/states run by liberal Democrats, Hunter Biden (and Joe) bribery scandals, long lost email scandals of Hillary Clinton, and so much more? Only time will tell.

Myron Fluegge

New Ulm


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