To the editor:

For years my husband has put out displays for Halloween, Christmas, etc. for children to enjoy. We expected vandalism to happen in early spring when we put out the American Flag and some Trump items. On Nov 20 the vandalism amounting to $100 took place.

Now its not the money, but the principle of why. I’ve lived in several countries, I’ve visited 16 countries, and most states and went to five different schools. America is still the best, the kindest, and most free of all countries with the most wonderful people who care about one another and the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights We have some problems but we are free. It is this freedom that lets most of us do what we want. This freedom is fought for by our brave military who are willing to give their lives for ALL of us.

To those who did this and to anyone who riots, burns, destroys property; is this how you thank our military and people who work to make this country great? Did it make you feel good? Are you proud of what you did? Now we know why you did this, but we would not do this to you or your property. We may be old-fashioned but my husband and I believe we are a free country and we respect others opinions even if those beliefs and opinions are different from ours. We believe in policies not either party or the man. Differences are what makes a democracy and God forbid we all think the same. YOU ARE COWARDS. Each of us has so much integrity and character. No one can take it away from you, but you can give it away. HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE LEFT? Whatever happened to listening, discussion, and compromise instead of hate and destruction.

I’m so sad at all the hate; actual visceral hate taking over this country. What are we teaching our children? What are we showing the world? Anything goes to get what you want. Are you vandals a product of all this hate instead of kindness? SHAME ON YOU. We need to accept one another no matter how different we think and how different we are; for ALL of us are important and ALL of us deserve happiness. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

Lets give THANKS and say a PRAYER for all our doctors, nurses and medical staff who are also risking their lives to save all of us during this difficult time.

Jo Ann Lux

Sleepy Eye


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