Late votes shouldn’t count

To the editor:

Written nearly two months ago. In part, here is what I wrote:

“With ‘mail in’ voting, I can’t imagine how many votes might be in boxes suddenly found in the back room of a post office when an election is close enough for a recount or an outcome isn’t what was hoped for. Could that be the reason the Democrats and the Biden campaign have hired over 600 lawyers already to challenge any outcome they don’t accept?

There is no way to insure a valid election without having as much “in person” voting as possible and absentee voting limited to justifiable reason only. Electronic voting has proven to be flawed and the closest thing to a clean and honest election is for “legal” citizens to actually show up in person with verifiable ID at their precinct.”

Think back to the Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. Coleman had a small lead and it required a recount. He maintained a lead until, lo and behold, a box of ballots were discovered in the trunk of a car. Strange how the majority of those ballots put Franken over the top. Remember, that one seat in the US Senate was the one vote Democrats needed to pass Obamacare and they succeeded.

I am seeing a similar pattern in this current election cycle. President Trump and over 70 million citizens went to sleep believing that President Trump was well on his way to victory and a second term. This time, however, the Democrats had improved their plan with massive early mail in ballots with little or no verification, allowing ballots to be delivered and counted “after” the date of the election and presently are not allowing legal opposition observers to watch the counting, which, by the way, is against the law. As hours and days passed, the lead was diminished and the tide began to turn. Strange how it is only in critical swing states and large cities that are controlled by Democrats.

Was Minnesota used as a “test” back then to see how an election outcome could be changed? At that time, as now in Minnesota, the governor, the AG and Secretary of State offices were and are all held by Democrats.

Many of these changes in our election process were done through state courts and election boards and not through the required legislative process as required by Article II of the United States Constitution. Therefore, votes being received and counted after 8 p.m. Nov 3, 2020 are not legal and should not be counted!

Roger Baumann



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