‘We love Trump’

To the editor:

Donald Trump, who donates his presidential wages to charities helping ordinary citizens, became a Christian and Pro-Life several years ago when someone he knew did not proceed with an abortion but gave birth to the child, whom Trump knows and couldn’t imagine the world without.

The same with Kanye West, who cried as he said they almost aborted his daughter whom he loves at the time when he found God also. People can change and ask God for forgiveness, such as Kind David and the Apostle Paul, who slaughtered Christians until Jesus intervened. How about the priests who have refused communion to Joe Biden because of his abortion support?

Previously, Biden was trying to sell America to China but Trump got us back. Biden is beholden to China and will try to do it again if elected. The U.S. was a laughing stock under Obama/Biden, but Trump has given us strength, support and respect from other countries, especially the Middle East, where Trump has gotten rid of terrorists and worked out peace deals for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Trump left the hospital for a short time to show the hundreds of people standing vigil for him that he was okay, as we were all praying for his recovery. Milllions of us love him as the rally chants “WE LOVE YOU” go on. He has helped the ordinary person with job programs, childcare programs, VA programs, tax reductions, etc. and also brought back jobs lost by Obama/Biden. If Biden is elected, jobs will leave again and all the tax breaks for U.S. citizens will be gone, bringing us back to the recession times of Obama/Biden that got Trump elected in 2016. Now stocks are way over what they were when Obama/Biden left office as people had seen their 401ks etc. go up with Trump.

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm


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