Neither Trump nor Biden will make America great

To the editor:

Donald Trump in not going to make America great again. Nor will Joe Biden, Mike Pence, or Kamala Harris. The truth is, no singular political figure has the ability to make America great or to sew up the divisions affecting our county. The only ones who have that ability are you and I. And this is how we make America great:

On the day the election is decided, we show empathy to the citizens that didn’t have their candidates elected while feeling pride in the work that all of our country has done to be part of the process. We refrain from ridiculing the “other side” with memes and insults on social media, choosing instead to find ways we can connect on issues.

We show our commitment to the life of every child, from conception to adulthood, while also showing empathy to those mothers that choose to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason they must, knowing this heartbreaking decision is both personal and worthy of our empathy.

We understand critical role law enforcement plays in our society, deserving of our support. But we also recognize that as a nation we must address the damage we have done to people of color through years of mistreatment and prejudice existing in both culture and systems of governance.

We recognize that there may be plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the divide in our country, but at the heart of it, the blame game is meaningless if we are unable to grow together as a community.

So this Nov. 3, vote for whomever you feel is best. And then roll up your sleeves and do the work of uniting with our community members through the hard work of effort, empathy, and kindness. Our country depends on it.

Bill Skar

New Ulm


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