DFL platform lacks compassion for little ones

To the editor:

Sometime this coming week in the Twin Cities and other U.S. cities, an adult stranger will enter the room of a small child. The child will sense something is wrong as the adult begins to prod and make contact with some type of metal instrument. The child will try to move away, but the room is very small, so any means of escape are blocked off. The instrument will now clamp onto the child’s limb or torso and proceed to tear, pull and crush. The child will scream but no one will hear because the room is too well insulated. The screams will eventually stop. His or her body parts will be incinerated or maybe even be sold to some health research center.

No name will be given, and no grave will be marked for the unwanted child, who’s unique personality is known only to God.

Sorry for the crude description of the child’s situation, but in these times of mass confusion, re-stating the obvious truth becomes part of one’s duty to society.

The author of ‘Treasure diversity, vote for Feehan’ (8-24-2020) quotes Dan saying: “either everyone matters or no one matters.” Certainly a true statement.

But what kind of leadership do we have when our two U.S. Senators, Smith and Klobuchar vote to allow killing of children who survive an abortion? Biden and Harris think along that same pro-abortion line. I’m beginning to think DFL stands for Death-For-Little ones. There just does not seem to be a shred of compassion for those innocent little children within the DFL platform.

‘What so ever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me…….’ (Matt. 25:40)

Phil Drietz



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