Special session

To the editor:

The Republican representatives from our area Rep. Paul Torkelson district 16B and Senator Gary Dahms District 16 met with the state Legislature in special session last Friday. Agreement on a bonding bill that could have had funding for improvements in German Park in New Ulm and water quality improvements for Vernon Center remained elusive and gathering the number of votes required to pass was too complicated.

The Republicans complain that Gov. Walz is making too many decisions about the state’s response to covid-19 without them. They fail at helping to get things accomplished like a bonding bill but oddly complain that they should be given more decisions to make.

A one day session is not a lot of time to get things done but similar to last month while the Senate was there they did take the time to pick off another Democrat. This time it was Gov Walz’s acting Commerce Commissioner.

We deserve better.

Darrell Hinsman

New Ulm


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