Churches closed, abortion mills open

To the editor:

Yes, we lost to date over 80,000 lives in the United States caused by the coronavirus. One life is too many! Infant lives killed in abortion average over 1.3 million every year for the past 47 years in the United States. One life lost is too many! Was it ever called an “abortion pandemic?” NO! Was the economy ever “shut down?” NO! Actually, quite the opposite. Minnesotans alone paid over $1 million in tax money every year to support this practice!

During Gov. Walz’s shutdown, he also ordered to stop elective surgeries, but he gave “thumbs up” to abortions.

Elective surgery, the order states, “Can be delayed without undue risk to the patient’s life.” In the case of abortion, the surgery not only “creates” risk to the mother’s life, but will most certainly kill the baby.

We need to pray for all involved, that God will enlighten them with His love!

If Gov. Walz had closed the abortion clinics, it would have freed the doctors and nurses who worked there to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention the extra masks, gloves and gowns so badly needed.

Nancy Pelosi has stated we need more people in our country, so we should welcome illegal immigrants. The United States has aborted over 62 million babies in the last 47 years. Think how our nation would have flourished if that multitude of people and their offspring were alive today. With their intelligence, we could have found a cure for cancer and possibly prevented the Coronavirus! We would have zero unemployment, a robust economy and millions of taxpayers to pay off our national debt, or to have prevented a national debt in the first place.

Do we really want to emulate Communist China, where they have controlled the size of their families for years, and taken away all of their people’s freedoms? Well, we’ve already started by not only permitting abortions, but having us, the citizens, foot the bill.

Thankfully, we have the first real pro-life president in office. President Trump has cut $50 million from the federal budget for abortions. He nominated 187 federal judges and two new Supreme Court justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. “All Praise to God!”

We need to be aware that Gov. Walz has maintained a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record. In our national election on Nov. 3, it is not only of utmost importance to elect “pro-life” President Trump, but it is crucial to elect pro-life Republican senators and representatives and other pro-life officials to prevent Democratic Socialism.

In this month of May we celebrated Blessed Mother Mary and all mothers everywhere. Thank you for giving us life!

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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