Trump needs to take crisis seriously

To the editor:

If there was any doubt the GOP has lost its mind, look no further than recent videos of protesters storming state capitols brandishing assault weapons, confederate flags, swastika banners and signs demanding freedom, goaded on by the mad Tweeter-in-Chief.

LIBERATE MY PEOPLE! They want haircuts! They want to dine out! Stop the oppression!

Yes, people need to work. Many people are, in fact, working and dying because their employers can’t or won’t follow safety protocols. If the protesters meant to demonstrate their comprehension of basic precautions necessary to re-open businesses and their ability to act responsibly in the time of corona, they failed miserably.

There was little social distancing and numerous “patriots” couldn’t be bothered to wear masks, preferring instead to spew their germs into security guards’ faces from three inches away, possibly infecting them in the process.

Do they care about these workers’ freedom to stay healthy? Of course not. It’s all about them. Their lives, their needs, their comfort.

And the guns? Give me a break, Rambo.

In only three months, over one million people in the United States have gotten the coronavirus. More than 63,000 have died from it. FEMA has ordered 100,000 more body bags and 200 extra-large refrigerated trailers for stacking and storing the overflowing corpses.

And you want a haircut?

Here’s an idea. For the next protest, how about storming the nation’s capital and demanding that the disinfectant-prescribing genius there — Mr. We’ve Got Everything Under Control. It’s Like The Flu. We’ll Go From 15 Cases To Zero — stop obsessing about his TV ratings and start taking this crisis seriously.

Better yet, liberate him from the White House.

Elly Zaragoza



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