Height of stupidity

To the editor:

Have you heard of Bill HR 5383, New Way Forward Act? This bill was written by Garcia of Illinois and co-sponsored by 44 Democrats, not one Republican. The Bill itself is 20 pages long and very hard to understand because its about deportations of illegal immigrants and there are lots of reasons why you can’t deport for certain crimes and certain crimes you can, and there are a lot immigration judges who will decide who can’t and who will be deported. If the ones who get deported back to their home country and want to get back to America. There will be judges who decide if they can come back. If the judges decide they can come back, the government will have to pay for them to come back. If the judges decide they can stay, they will be eligible for citizenship, free health care, free education, free everything, all is paid for by the taxpayers!

In my opinion, this Bill is nothing but a big Government bureaucracy and the height of stupidity! If you want to know more about it, go to your computer, Bill HR 5383, New Way Forward Act. It will tell you more than I can.

This is my opinion and I am sticking to it!

If you want to know more about MAGASOTA, the grass roots organization, go to WWW.MAGASOTA .com or info@MAGASOTA.com

Elderly gentleman from the Midwest who clings to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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