Better buy more eyewash

To the editor:

I suppose I should address this to Mr. Conroy. I don’t know you but I think you better buy some more eye wash.

Yes, I believe in global warming, but I feel we are only looking at a bit of it. Our earth has gone through this before. Oil drill people have told me they find wood buried many feet in the Arctic so there must have been vegetation to grow trees, and drill people have told me they find the same in the tropics. I have also been told the earth’s poles have moved, and boy I do not want to go back to when there were maybe 1,100 feet of ice here in America, which must have happend as I have seen baby mammoths that were found in some glaciers, and I just have a magazine that tells of the permafrost yielding whole animals, bison much larger than we now have.

And as far as it is, Mr. Trump was elected president. He is only one persno and for the last seven or eight years I have been getting more mail from organizations that think our government is headed away from what it was founded for and now the last few weeks I have several who say this is a coup attempt, not an impeachment. This is an abuse of the constitution. Let’s get politicians who work, not just sling mud.

Maybe we all better get eye wash.

Harley Vogel

New Ulm