Baghdad will not be a repeat of Benghazi

To the editor:

Hadi Ameri, who led the raid on the US Embassy in Iraq, was once invited to the White House by President Obama. During his Embassy attack the Supreme Leader of Iran, Khamenei, taunted President Trump claiming, “You can’t do anything.” Trump ordered Suleimani taken out and the Iraqi Parliament, under threat, has voted in favor of a non-binding resolution to expel the US from Iraq. As a result of Trump’s decisive action the Iranians and the Left in the US are in high dudgeon criticizing his decisive action and now Pelosi is organizing a pre-emptive surrender to Iran in the House.

Contrast Trump’s action with that of the Obama administration as the Benghazi Consulate was under attack. The Obama administration indecisively spent much of the thirteen hours the Consulate was under attack debating the merits of having the rescue Marines arrive in civilian clothes or uniform. Their Platoon commander testified that he and his Marines changed in and out of their uniforms four times. Lives were saved only because orders to “stand down” were ignored by the consulates protective detail. As an aside, it is the host countries responsibility to provide security for embassies and consulates.

While Americans were dying the Obama administration wasted time debating about how the rescue Marines should be clothed.

President Trump was dealt a bad hand in the Middle East and he is on his way to making the best of a difficult situation.

Vern Clobes

Cocoa Beach, FL


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