Hagedorn on impeachment

To the editor:

Overturning the will of the people by removing a duly-elected President of the United States was intended by the Founders to be an exceedingly rare and judicious act of Congress.

I am very pleased that Congressman Jim Hagedorn has affirmed his opposition to President Trump’s impeachment. Hagedorn stated at a recent town hall meeting that he plans to vote “No” because the Democrats’ impeachment endeavors are overtly political, partisan, divisive, and unwarranted.

Additionally, Congressman Hagedorn has rightfully called upon the Democrat-controlled House to quit wasting time and resources on impeachment, and to work in a bipartisan fashion to provide common-sense border security, prescription drug reform, and transportation and infrastructure legislation.

Meanwhile, Hagedorn’s four Democrat congressional opponents, including the defeated 2018 Democrat nominee, Dan Feehan, are marching in lock-step with Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Feehan supports President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, yet declines to discuss his reasons in public. Evidently, Feehan lacks conviction in his ultra-liberal positions and/or realizes those positions are in opposition to the views of the majority of southern Minnesotans.

Congressman Hagedorn’s straight-forward and honest approach demonstrated to the voters is refreshing. By opposing impeachment, Hagedorn’s stand certainly reflects my views and values as well as those of the majority of First District residents.

Jeff Taylor



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