Liberal candidates stick together

To the editor:

Jim Grabowska’s letter to the editor would have you believe he is an unbiased, reflective, independent thinker who, after much careful analysis and contemplation decided Dan Feehan was the nicest, most sincere candidate to represent us in Congress.

In reality, Mr. Grabowska was the DFL candidate in 2018 for the District 23B seat in the Minnesota state legislature.

It baffles me as to why liberals like Mr. Grabowska and Dan Feehan take offense when people label their policies for what they are. Forcing 180 million Americans off their personal health plans onto government-run plans is also known as socialized medicine. But God forbid someone actually calls that “socialism.”

For decades, those who believe government should play an ever larger, more intrusive role in our lives have been called themselves “liberals.” And yet it is “frightening” and “sophomoric” when someone else describes as “liberals” those who believe more and more government is pretty much the answer to whatever the problem is.

Wanting to give illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded health care, saying our border patrol agents are running concentration camps on the border and advocating for environmental policies so extreme they would cripple farming and businesses are pretty radical, far-Left positions. If Democrats think those are good ideas, so be it. I just wish they’d quit whining every time someone calls their duck a duck.

Beth Griffis



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