In defense of Jim Hagedorn

To the editor:

In his time in office, Congressman Jim Hagedorn has been a tireless champion for Southern Minnesota farmers. He’s urged House leadership to extend bio-diesel tax credits, advocated for year-round use of E-15, and urged EPA to stop the abuse of small refinery exemptions, which have been negatively affecting ethanol producers.

During President Trump’s visit to Minnesota a few weeks ago, Representative Hagedorn could have used his face-to-face meeting with him to talk about anything. However, he chose to discuss the economic hardships in rural America, and the need to quickly conclude trade negotiations with China, Korea and the European Union.

Recently, Representative Hagedorn was in Worthington, touting and praising the amazing productivity of the American farmer.

That leaves me perplexed and disappointed that The Journal chose to criticize Representative Hagedorn for remarks that, based on corrections in the Worthington Globe available at the time of its writing, were totally taken out of context. And now the politically motivated attacks have begun about his supposed lack of understanding about hunger in America, when that wasn’t even the topic of conversation.

You told Representative Hagedorn that he should engage his brain before speaking. I would encourage more diligence and responsibility before criticizing an elected official about remarks that were taken wholly out of context.

Scott Waldner

New Ulm