Hagedorn’s comments misconstrued

To the editor:

I am a private citizen living in Worthington, MN and I am a member of the Worthington Noon Kiwanis Club. I was present on April 23, 2019 when Congressman Jim Hagedorn spoke at our Kiwanis Club; in fact, Congressman Hagedorn came to speak in Worthington at my request.

One comment Congressman Hagedorn made that day on food is getting attention, but it has been completely misconstrued. The discussion was never about hunger in America, but about the superior work American farmers do to provide abundant, safe, nutritious food.

A question came from an attendee about President Trump’s tariffs that have curtailed the sale of U.S. grain to China. I believe Congressman Hagedorn’s intention with his response was to be open and forthright. The Congressman was in fact defending our American farmers. He pointed out that U.S. farmers are efficient businesspeople whose grain products are not being sold as globally as they were before the tariffs were imposed, which has obviously had a negative impact on commodity prices. He also stated that once the grain tariffs are lifted, U.S. grain will once again flow to foreign countries like China, which should then have a positive impact on commodity prices.

Context is very important to understand. With no understanding of the true context surrounding Congress- man Hagedorn’s comment, the public did not get the complete picture. It is my opinion Congressman Hagedorn is an ardent advocate for our farmers, especially since he himself is rooted in farming.

Martin Rickers