To the editor:

Issues of civics should be addressed to the uncivil. The city of Sleepy Eye has charged a handicapped renter $60 for being late to shovel snow from the city side walk. Recently, the same city has dug a utility pole on the same private property avoiding the city alley property. It could have placed the pole on Expressway Gas Station property on the north side of alley. Conflict avoidance determined the private citizen to be the sleeping unrighteous. Private property, private ownership, sovereignty, borders, constitution limiting government is the framework of this country to which all others have fled. The later days are testing these concepts granted by a sovereign God.

The testers claim no borders, no sovereignty, no rights, and no constitution. Governments have replaced healthcare, education, charity, and values once the domain of the faithful public who served the citizen’s needs. An example can be found in the garbage contract had by a local entity and the referenced garbage pick-up was had in the alley of the city. Contract sold to an out of town outsourced entity, the garbage is now gathered in front of the private citizens property. Beautification of the concept citizen serving the larger outsourced entity with government support. This declares the reversal of the USA foundation. No borders, no rights, no sovereignty, no constitution, no electoral college, no private ownership, no development as described in UN AGENDA 21.

“International Standards” are now being applied to this city, county, state, and nation. How is it being applied? The description reads by Regionalism, Non-Governmental Organizations, Womans Movement, and EPA.

It starts and stops at the local level. I am a charitable person, but do not assume my charity when the city has none. Emergencies are relative. Fishing season is about to begin. Perhaps a teaching moment can occur when the digging of night crawlers occurs on the lawns of city council, city attorney, city manager, and city hall. No private property is the NEW WORLD ORDER. Google it.

“The people feel powerless,” said Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia, before his untimely death.

John C. Kolbe

Sleepy Eye


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