Regrets and hope

To the editor:

One of the headlines in the March 4th Journal read: “Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in American history?” I wondered if the columnist, George Will, has a list of the possible 2nd and 3nd worst crimes in America?”

As a Catholic priest of 61 years in the New Ulm Diocesan Church, this headline makes me feel sad, sorry, apologetical, embarrassed, etc . The Catholic Church needs to take responsibility for her priests misusing their sexuality in a very sinful manner. Many of my brother priests have hurt and deeply harmed the lives of many victims. We are sorry. Jesus forgave many sinners in his ministry with us. May he be here for us too.

Priest’s sexual abuse reported in the media brings transparency, needed and important. We are told about every new incident, along with old ones, in great detail; frequently these are repeated. I wonder how this manner of reporting is necessary.

In one sense I am not proud of my brother priests and bishops for their sinful actions. On the other hand I am proud of having walked in this New Ulm area for 61 years, sharing the Good News of the gospel.

To all my Catholic brothers and sisters, and all of us, I walk with you and support you in living your faith in everyday events. I pray for all the victims who have been violated and hurt. The healing, redeeming Jesus, can strengthen us.

May the Holy Spirit, who does not leave us orphans, encourage us with HOPE.

Fr. Germain P. Rademacher

New Ulm


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