DFL Committee denounces hate mail

To the editor:

Recently, Alma Marin, an active member of the New Ulm community, received an anonymous letter containing personal insults, ethnic and homophobic slurs, and vicious criticism of this person’s resident status as an immigrant citizen. While we realize that in a democracy differences of opinion exist, that policy debates will continue, and that new problems to solve will continue to arise, we denounce this type of personal attack.

American democracy, by its very nature, accepts and welcomes differing viewpoints. In fact, we hope ALL citizens use the avenues of debate and discussion that are available to them in a polite and respectful manner. Rather than taking anonymous hate-filled potshots at our neighbors, we should all strive to be a positive force for change by attending town hall meetings, writing and phoning our elected representatives, and sending signed letters to the editor. These are appropriate forums to air our political differences.

Lori Sellner, Larry Czer

and the Brown County DFL Central Committee