Highway 14 in our lifetime?

To the editor:

Last December a Mankato newspaper published this from our current legislator:

“Torkelson said last week he’s waiting for the Minnesota Department of Transportation to finish gathering public feedback before examining the new rules …. Torkelson said lawmakers will likely look at how Corridors of Commerce weighs projects if enough concern is raised.” (Mankato Free Press, Dec. 25, 2017. Those “new rules” are the ones that funneled all the transportation money to the suburbs, and left Highway 14 still “unfunded and unscheduled” (current MNDot website). Apparently, instead of taking leadership in shaping those rules, and despite being chair of the Transportation Finance Committee, our current legislator didn’t even know what was in them, and wasn’t even caring to know unless “enough concern is raised.”

Many New Ulm leaders did raise concerns, and it’s still “unfunded and unscheduled.”

It’s pretty clear that, if we are to see Highway 14 completed to New Ulm (and even to the border) in our lifetime, we will need someone in the Legislature who pays attention, and who has the energy and perseverence to get this done. If you have met Mindy Kimmel, you know her energy and dedication to service. She is our chance for a new fresh voice for us, and for economic development all along Highway 14. We’ve waited far too long.

Thomas Kuster

New Ulm