Hagedorn stands for our values

To the editor:

Jim Hagedorn isn’t afraid to stand strong for our values!

At Springfield’s parade last Friday, I was very pleased to see Jim Hagedorn standing for what he believes in.

When many politicians try to mask their beliefs in an effort to garner votes, Jim stands strong for southern Minnesota values, and he’s not afraid to share those beliefs with thousands of people on the parade route. Some of his signs in the parade read “Support Our Police,” “Secure America’s Borders,” and “Let Veterans Choose Doctors and Hospitals.”

These are the kind of values Southern Minnesotans have been asking for. It is refreshing to have a candidate who will stand strong for our community and our beliefs, and isn’t afraid to share those beliefs.

If we elect Jim Hagedorn in November, we know exactly what his priorities will be: the very same things he told us during the campaign! That is why I am voting for Jim in the August 14th primary election.

Beth Griffis