Actions speak louder than words

To the editor:

Thanks to the administration of the New Ulm Area Catholic Schools for upholding the teachings of our faith. In dealing with a difficult situation, of not renewing the contract with Sonics dance coach for the 2-18-2019 school year, exemplifies the strength we all should uphold in teaching our children.

Employees are expected to accept and follow the rules of the place of employment. Apparently, these rules were violated, causing a breach of contract.

The administration of the New Ulm Area Catholic Schools offered a compromise to the dance coach, which was generous of them, considering that the coach stated she was open about her cohabitation living arrangement, with the children she taught, their parents, and on Facebook!

It isn’t just the things we say, but more importantly, how we live, that teaches our children valuable lessons!

God didn’t give the Ten Commandments to just the Catholics, God gave the Ten Commandments to all His people.

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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