Scrap Obamacare

To the editor:

I didn’t plan on writing more, but I was called out by name again. When it comes down to it, God is in charge of everything, good and bad, including the weather and changing seasons.

In response to current events, my feelings on the health law should be to scrap Obamacare and open up the states’s boundaries so you can actually purchase the insurance you want at lower costs because of having competition available. One of the biggest mistakes ever was to put health insurance under government control and under law forcing people to but the flawed product or be penalized. Hopefully, through the negotiation process, a fair, decent Health law can come forth.

Next, according to the newspaper, Nancy Pelosi stated she thought President Trump’s assertion that he was wiretapped was “something you call a wrap-up smear, where you make up something, then you have the press write about it and say everyone is writing about it,” and saying this is the “tool of an authoritarian.” She certainly would know all about that, wouldn’t she, since that’s what they have been pulling on the Trump team for a long time now. The surveillance which has been taken on President Trump’s campaign and thereafter is a proven fact when you see all of the felonious leaking of private information going on. You can’t get private info without some kind of surveillance no matter how someone tries to answer a question without really answering the question, such as “I can’t answer that,” or in Hillary’s case, “I can’t remember,” then her husband met with DOJ Lynch to be sure she would not be prosecuted.

The so-called “Russian involvement” claims were constructed without evidence of which they’re still searching for, when Hillary’s unsecured e-mails came to light just proving what we already knew about her.

I guess we’ll just keep praying and see what comes of all this as the Russians laugh at us. Democracy?

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm