What drives his voting decisions

To the editor:

I read a number of newspapers each morning. It seems the wire service “news” they carry and opinion pages of many, if not most, including political cartoons, actively campaign against against Donald Trump. On the few occasions when they might publish a commentary from a Republican pundit they seem to consciously select one that supports the political establishment i.e. anti-Trump. Later in the day as I drive through the maze of political lawn signs in neighborhood’s occasionally I see one that reads: “Is it over yet?” I empathize with those people.

I have not been a strong Trump supporter. But the choice for president seems binary. Such blatant media bias should move us to look outside the mainstream media filter and formulate our choice based on facts we can find on our own. Being somewhat of a skeptic – maybe even slightly contrarian – I tire of being told what to think.

My vote, up and down the national ballot, will be for those I believe will put a stop to governing outside the Constitution and follow what the founders intended when they designed our Constitutional Republic and separation of powers. I believe such a change will make things better. The last day of fiscal 2016 the National Debt had reached almost $20 trillion!

Bob Jentges

North Mankato