DNR v. Fort Ridgely park users

To the editor:

What is the difference between DNR officials and the actual users of Fort Ridgely? Only the users care about the past, present and future of the state park.

The DNR has stated that they are not in the golf business. I don’t begrudge other parks for what they have, after all anything that reconnects our youth with the great outdoors is a plus. But is the core service of the state park system to be in the buffalo business or in the outdoor swimming pool or camper cabin business? Many things make up a state park.

In Fort Ridgely’s case broken bathroom facilities in the campground go unrepaired, the chalet is now closed, the course is fated to close and not enough staff is allocated to even assist travelers at the gate or to even answer phones. Does this sound like the DNR cares? Fight on, Friends of Fort Ridgely.

Dan Brinkman

New Ulm