Deeds, not words

President Donald Trump sounded a lot of high-minded ideals in his State of the Union address Tuesday. He called on Congress to “choose greatness,” to work together to solve a variety of issues, from replacing infrastucture, to lowering prescription drug prices, to curing childhood cancer.

He also challenged Congress to give up “the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution,” especially the “ridiculous partisan investigation” into his administration.

Well, we don’t know about the last part, but bipartisanship, cooperation and compromise on a wide variety of legislation is not impossible. It should not be impossible, even in today’s highly charged political climate.

President Trump can take a lead role in the move to bipartisanship. He could start by putting down his cell phone and giving up tweeting nasty comments about his opponents and critics, and blowing up negotiations between congressional leaders with his hard-line demands for the border wall.

Deeds, not words, are what make an impact in Washington. We’ll soon see how committed the president is to the ideals he spoke of Tuesday.