Can’t take it all back

President Donald Trump said something remarkable Tuesday. He admitted he was wrong. He said he misspoke during his press conference with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. He said he meant to say he “didn’t know why Russia wouldn’t” have interfered with U.S. elections. He really said he didn’t know why they would.

Trump also said that he now accepts the U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, probably after a day of reading the almost universal condemnation of his performance at the summit. But he added, “Could be other people also.”

Is he also going to take back all the times he has called the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt?” Did he misspeak when he again called the news media the “enemy of the people” or when he denounced criticism of his comments as “fake news” once again?

It is a good thing that the president of the United States is at least accepting the intelligence reports he gets as truthful. But what now is he going to do about it? He can’t keep blaming it on Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. The buck now stops with him.