Our View: Trump’s plan needed more planning

President Donald Trump’s order banning travel to this country by citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries was his first order that was put into effect immediately. His order to start building “The Wall” will take a lot of planning and financing, but his order on Friday had airport security and immigration officials stopping people as they stepped off of planes. Many of them were legal permanent residents of this country, holders of “green cards.” Some of them were families who have spent the last couple of years undergoing a rigorous “vetting” process of interviews and security checks that suddenly counted for nothing.

Critics of the plan say it does little to increase our security, will make the job of radical Islamic terrorist recruiters easier by reinforcing their main argument — that America and the West hate Muslims — and does nothing to deal with the threat of potential terror recruits already living in the U.S., including native born citizens who become radicalized by ISIS propaganda.

This is an idea that certainly could have benefited from more planning. Trump’s rationale for the order does makes sense. The seven countries named in his order are hotbeds of terrorist activity. They are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. For years, efforts to ensure would-be terrorists from those nations do not infiltrate our country have been lacking.

Improving the “vetting” process during Trump’s temporary suspension is important and should improve homeland security.

The sooner that can be done — and harmless travelers from the affected countries can be welcomed — the better.