School vote is for all of us

On Tuesday, voters in School District 88 are being asked to take a historic vote, one that will impact the future of the district for years to come. The request for $46.9 million in building bonds will not only build a new high, but allow the remodeling and refiguring of all schools in the district to meet the needs of students in the decades ahead.

But it’s not just the students and teachers and administrators who will benefit. The passage of this referendum will benefit all of us, everyone who lives in the district. It will benefit the businesses that are seeking to hire the best and brightest employees and professionals, who will be seeking the best schools for their children. That, in turn, will benefit those who receive services from those businesses.

It will help New Ulm attract new families with young children, who will move to the community and help it grow.

It will solidify the school district as a center of culture and community activities. It can help unify the community, and spark a growth in community spirit.

Yes, the cost is high. But digging in and investing in things that make a community better is what communities do.

This referendum will make New Ulm better. Please vote yes.