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Enjoy the county fair

The Brown County Fair continues this weekend. This is great time to get out, have some fun, and learn a little about the county’s rural roots.

Fairs have been a tradition in small towns since medieval times, when farmers would get together in small town squares to sell their crops. No doubt there was some good natured competition about who had the best crops, or who had the best cow or pig. Entertainers would gather as well, drawn to the crowds.

Those early farmers probably never envisioned monster trucks and demolition derbies, but that mix of old and new, of tradition with new trends, is part of what makes fairs enjoyable.

So please, go to the fair and help celebrate.

Outstanding senior

Each year, when the Brown County Outstanding Senior Citizen is named, we have the same reaction – “Of course!” we say when we hear the name. “What an excellent choice.”

This year’s choice is no different. Alberta “Bert” Marth was honored. She is a frequent visitor to The Journal newsroom on behalf of whatever group she is working for that day. She’s active in the American Legion on many levels, helps out with the National Guard and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon programs. She’s also a volunteer with the Chamber, and with her church, Our Savior’s Lutheran.

Congratulations to Bert, and to Albert and Donna Ebnet of Springfield, recipients of this year’s Good Folks Community Service award at the fair.

Many reasons to vote

Tuesday is the primary election day in Minnesota, a day that often doesn’t get the respect it deserves from the voters.

Voter turnout is traditionally low for primaries. People think, “Aah, it doesn’t count. I’ll wait until the real election in November.”

But this is a real election. People in all parties are depending on this vote to select the final slate of candidates who will be on the ballot in November. This is most obvious in the Republican party, where four candidates are running to represent their party in the governor’s race. Democrats have a contested race for state auditor.

In other cities there may be local races for city council or county board that will be narrowed down. And in District 88, of course, the school building bond referendum is on the ballot.

So this primary election is for real, it does count, and we hope people will turn out to take part in the electoral process.