Border problems

A flood of thousands of Central American children who managed, sometimes alone, to sneak across the allegedly secure border between the U.S. and Mexico makes it clear the boundary is nothing more than a line on the map in many places. So yes, more needs to be done to keep illegal immigrants from getting into this country.

But what? That is the question members of Congress should be asking about President Barack Obama’s request for another $2 billion to deal with illegal immigrants.

Obama made the request in a letter to Congress today, according to a White House official. Details of how the money is to be spent will be released once lawmakers return to Washington July 7, after their holiday recess.

Clearly, immigration officials were not ready for the influx of young immigrants. In many cases, they are simply being released and told to report back to the authorities.

But will Obama’s plan help handle them??And does he have a proposal to keep more illegal immigrants from coming here the same way the children arrived?

Lawmakers should insist on details of Obama’s plan to spend the $2 billion – and on evidence it will do some good. Remember, according to the White House and liberals in Congress, the border already is “secure.”