Thumbs Up/Down

Getting the word out

THUMBS UP: As the District 88 school bond referendum nears, The Journal will be publishing more information about the district’s needs and plans. There is information available online now at www.facebook.com/isd88voteyes, which has answers for frequently asked questions and the capability of being updated as new questions are asked.

It is vitally important that voters in District 88 become knowledgeable about the issues involving the referendum. This is one way to get the information out there.

Social Host law

THUMBS UP: The Redwood County Board last week approved a county-wide social host ordinance. Social host laws make it illegal to host a party where minors consume alcohol. The Redwood County ordinance could lead to misdemeanor charges being filed against someone who knowingly hosts or allows such an event on their property.

This is the same kind of ordinance that Brown County Commissioners turned down last year, after opposition was expressed by township leaders.

It was a good idea for Brown County then, and it’s still a good idea. Brown County Commissioners should follow Redwood County’s example and reconsider the ordinance.

Celebrate a safe 4th

THUMBS UP: The 4th of July is nearly here, and as we celebrate with picnics, parades and legally sanctioned fireworks, let’s all remember to keep it safe and responsible.

Let’s not forget our responsibility to drive carefully, and to not mix alcohol with driving or boating. And let’s leave fireworks to the professionals. There will be plenty of 4th of July displays in the area. There’s no need to blow off our fingers and toes with firecrackers and other explosives.