The sun will shine on the Twins again

The Minnesota Twins’ home opener on Monday was one of those nightmarish early April so-called “spring” days outdoor stadium critics have been warning about.

At Target Field, players and fans dressed in layers to brave the 35-degree temperature and 17 mph winds. The hot chocolate line was 12 to 15 people deep, and beer vendors were talking among themselves.

Playing in that weather wasn’t pleasant. But baseball isn’t about having pleasant weather all the time. It’s about playing when it’s blazing hot, or it’s chilly enough to wear long johns. It’s about playing in the sunshine, or when it’s drizzling. It’s about playing when the wind is in your face or blowing out to center field.

Weather is supposed to be part of baseball. It’s part of the challenge, and it’s part of the pleasure.

People were happy to get out of the Metrodome and its permanent teflon sky for a chance to bask in the sun on a clear, warm summer day.

There will be plenty of days like that in the future. Twins fans should be able to put up with a few days when parkas are called for.