Weeds: Study the past to change the future

We were nearing the end of a tough corn harvest, fighting through downed and snarled stalks. The weather was good, and the stress of the last month was receding. I was pulling a wagon and made the turn to the field. I was met with the warm glow of a low sun. A thought came that shows up now ...

Weeds: Looking for the light

We get to this time of year, and light becomes a precious commodity. Our planet tilts and the southern hemisphere gets all the fun of grilling out and laying on the beach. To paraphrase the Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet song, “It’s Summer Somewhere.” Farmers start the fall work in ...

Eagle Update: Middle School News

The start of the new school year has been a positive experience for both students and staff at New Ulm Middle School. The staff has been laser focused on addressing the varying academic and social-emotional needs of the students. This year, New Ulm Middle School is partnering with Allina ...

What’s On Your Mind?

What do you like about pigeons? (Asked at the pigeon show Saturday at the Brown County Fairgrounds)