Single socks are used to clean

Hints from Heloise

Dear Heloise: I have a collection of mismatched socks. I never throw them away because they are perfect for dusting figurines. I just spray the cleaning solution onto the sock, and I can get into small places by putting my hand inside of the sock and gently moving it around. This is a great way to keep collectables dirt-free. — Harriette N., Lima, Ohio


Dear Heloise: About a month ago, I was trying a new recipe that called for plantains. I figured since bananas are the same as plantains, I’d just use one of the bananas I had on hand. The recipe turned out to be a disaster. What went wrong? Aren’t plantains the same as bananas? — Carmella W., Bozeman, Montana

Carmella, there is a difference between bananas and plantains. First, plantains are larger than most bananas, and their skin is thicker. They also have a higher starch content than a banana. A plantain is ripe when the skin turns yellow or brown. If the skin is green, it’s not ripe yet. One of the best things about a plantain is that it can be eaten with sweet or savory dishes. It’s not unusual to cook a plantain with vegetables, and they are delicious when fried.

Bananas are best eaten with other fruit or when peeled and eaten as a snack. They are very rarely eaten in savory dishes. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: This past winter, I seemed to catch a cold every other week! The worst part was having a sore throat and the disgusting throat spray I had to use to deaden the pain. In my mind, I told myself that this must be what swamp algae must taste like. Finally, I took a large tablespoon and turned it bowl-side up to cover my tongue before I sprayed my throat. This way, I covered my taste buds and still managed to deaden my throat. — Sandra J., Newberry, South Carolina


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