Try these handy kitchen hints

Try these handy kitchen hints

Dear Heloise: A slightly moistened paper towel tucked into the bag of salad greens helps keep them fresh. This works for other veggies as well.

When I have liquid to discard that may have some fat in it, such as broth, I first let the liquid cool so that the fat congeals; then I lay a paper towel across the sink drain to strain the fat. — S.P., Columbia City, Indiana



Dear Readers: Food laws are different all around the county. A reader suggested to put bones and meat fats into a plastic bag into the trash. But Ellyce B. let us know that the law in California mandates that all food waste, including bones and fats, now go into green waste cans for composting — definitely not into plastic bags. (Some counties allow compostable bags to be used.) Californians should all be aware of this law by now! — Heloise


Dear Heloise: Here are two hints! I use a shower bench and handheld shower. I run the warm water over the bench first so that I have a nice heated seat to sit on.

The next hint is that when reading a book, I face the front of the bookmark toward the next page I will read so that I know where I left off reading. — Barbara Atwood, New Hartford, Connecticut



Dear Heloise: This past Thanksgiving, I made a beautiful centerpiece for my table and the long table in my entryway, and it didn’t cost me a dime. I found a piece of wood in my husband’s workshop and used some leftover paint to paint it black.

Then I went for a walk in the woods and found some small branches, twigs, colorful leaves and pinecones. I picked them up and stuffed them into a bag I was carrying. I also found an empty bird’s nest and some acorns.

With just a little hot glue, I had a nice arrangement to show off during the fall season and Thanksgiving. — C.P., in Colorado


Dear Heloise: Recent news reports are telling us that we will have a cold winter in a lot of regions throughout the country. (And fuel prices will be higher.) To help people stay warmer at night, I recommend purchasing fleece bedsheets. We no longer need to use an electric blanket for this reason. — B.B., in Ohio


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