Eagle Update: Weather-related decisions are tough call for schools

Boy did we hit a tough stretch of weather this past week. It is never easy to make weather-related calls for school and this week was a challenge with the extreme cold temperatures — affecting people, equipment and buses. From dangerous wind chills, to equipment that has fits in cold weather, to buses with fuel that may gel and cause them to shut down – we had to weigh these issues as we looked at whether or not to hold school.

The commonly asked question is: “Are we making up days?” The school calendar has built in snow days and we go well beyond the minimum number of hours and days required by the state for students to be in school. This is hard to say, but we are only halfway through the winter season and need to have plans in place should we experience more snow days. The current calendar establishes the order of make up days. The school board will have discussion in the next month about potential student and staff make-up days.

At the January board meeting, the new board officers were elected. Steve Gag was elected as chair, Jon Schiro the vice-chair, Amanda Groebner the clerk, and Matt Ringhofer the treasurer. Committee assignments were finalized and other organizational business was conducted. The board will continue with study sessions held the second Thursday of the month at 5 p.m. and board meetings held the fourth Thursday of the month at 6 p.m.

We are past the halfway point of the school year. Our focus this month is on mid-year assessment data review, finishing first semester and starting second semester at the high school, planning programs and positions for next year and working on high school student registration plans for next year. While we are working with students for the rest of this year, we are well into plans for next year.

In February WLC, Jefferson and the Middle School will hold parent/teacher conferences. We encourage all parents/guardians to find time to meet with their student’s teachers and learn what is happening in their classrooms. This is a great time to have conversations about student growth, what the family can do at home to support what is occurring in school and to ask questions on upcoming learning activities.

Go Eagles!